Private Affairs

by A.D. Weighs

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Written, produced and recorded by A.D. Weighs


Private Affairs

Ever been tormented by your own internal dialogue
or tortured by memories you wish you no longer recalled
‘til you’re self-medicating to make your anguish dissolve
Feeling like you in hell with gasoline covered draws
A menace with very little if any regard for laws
If these walls could talk you'd be shocked & appalled
Take caution a spark could blow your temple apart
The faint of heart should never listen to this in the dark
If I could go back in time I'd shield my younger eyes
from crimes and misdeeds I do not wish to describe
I don’t care to discuss and details I won’t provide
but I've witnessed the type of shit
that'll make u wish u were blind
Inching closer to wise while sprinting toward demise
Pain & ire conspire rage and anger coincide
Abominable D Weighs came to rain on your parade
with a sickening lullaby and deafening serenade

Ever been haunted by a threat that spells supplier beware
of the feds snooping around up in your private affairs
When exhibit A is in your hands your life is in theirs
Possibly bugging your castle when your wife isn’t there
Look at Detroit thrown to the lions by a trifling mayor
Blue pigs equipped with heat terrorize the streets
Find these bullies on the beat like high hats and snares
but death ain’t tantalizing and life isn’t fair
and if Christ isn’t here whose keeping the righteous prepared
Spiritual warfare I'm neither here nor there
Dragging my own corpse through a courtyard recurring nightmare
After typing a perfect noose I'm too frail to kick the chair
Then I learned that all along it was the game that hates the player
Envy and fear a pair of burdens I would hate to bear
Niggas ask me if emotional trauma can be repaired
Yeah the cure is in your mirror
Have a glimpse if you dare

Spill these words onto the public they're like mannequins froze
like Bambi in my headlights cross my path on this road
This grudge I manage to hold in my grasp you should hope
I take it with me to my grave and under grass when I'm gone
Otherwise its out of control like when a canon explodes
The divine made Asharah then it shattered the mold
I ain’t trying to be the man your fucking cameras behold
Being scrutinized with scalpels and probes
State officials judgmental like them characters with gavels and robes
Being famished and broke puts me into damaging mode
You pussies standing in the path of my javelin throw
I'm trying to build a better self fuck your platinum and gold
'Bout time this gruesome story of this savage was told
I’m a leave the globe with my unwanted baggage to hold
Vigilantes gathering stones that they're planning to throw
in a fruitless attempt to eclipse my natural glow


released April 16, 2015
written, produced and recorded by A.D. Weighs



all rights reserved


A.D. Weighs Detroit, Michigan

A.D. Weighs

Hailing from Detroit, USA, A.D. Weighs is a charismatic, spontaneous and direct hip-hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach.

His sound is very versatile, falling somewhere in between the depth and warmth of old school hip-hop, and the sharp focus and balance of the best modern productions.
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